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About me

About me

My name's Anna Zawilska. I live in Poland and I am an inhabitant of Łódź and I was born in this city in 1964r. Here in 1984 I completed State-Lyceum of Fine Arts, and in 1992 the Academy of Fine Arts on the Faculty of the Textile and Clothes (Chair of Textile).

For many years I have lived in Italy, where I dealt with the painting, with the artistic weaving and the interior arrangement.
Currently I live in Łódź, where also I deal first of all with the painting, interior arrangement and designing and manufacturing of unique jewellery.

My great love is the beauty of nature in all her aspects, especially as the light is concerned, both natural and artificial one. I love the ethnic art, especially of Africa. Also ancient monuments fascinate me, especially those in Poland.

These all my passions and observations I show in my compositions, aside from techniques of their performing.

My works can be found in private collections among other in Poland, Italy, France, Austria and Great Britain.

I invite You to my gallery.